BAFS performs MBL Portfolio  Reviews.

Business Alliance Financial Services has a service platform that differentiates us from others.  We feel that in the fast-moving world of Commercial Lending, a Portfolio Review should be integral to your lending program.

Portfolio reviews are necessary to monitor asset quality, risk migration trends, policies, & procedures.
The scope of the portfolio review may vary depending on the complexity and needs of each credit union.  A credit union may complete certain portions of its portfolio review internally or may outsource to third parties.
BAFS has the resources and flexibility that allows you to choose the scope you need.
Starting with your input, we identify loan samples, review policies, procedures, and forms by remote.  
We can perform reviews by remote or on-site.
We issue your draft report within 2 weeks and a final report within 30 days.

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Portfolio Review Options

  • Full Narrative Portfolio Review:
  • Limited Narrative Portfolio Review:
  • Loan Sample Plus Operational Review:
  • Third Party Loan Sample Review:
  • Custom Scope:
  • Up to 51% of Portfolio Reviewed
  • 35% of Portfolio Reviewed
  • At least 25 Loans Reviewed
  • At least 25 Loans Reviewed
  • Available

Meet Steve Martens – BAFS – VP Director of Loan Audit & Review 

Steve joined BAFS in March of 2017 bringing his wide range of skills in:

Accounting | Credit Analysis | Commercial Lending | Compliance

During 30 years in banking/finance, he’s gathered knowledge & skills needed to oversee the asset quality of the portfolio, assuring acceptable credit standards are practiced, and ensuring that relevant laws and regulations are followed.  He oversees commercial loan and portfolio reviews.  Steve leads the development of our Dual Risk Rating Systems utilizing measures of loss- given default and probability of default. He writes and recommends revisions to credit union policies/procedures to up to date NCUA standards.  Steve leads a capable team of Loan Review Specialists.

Business Alliance Financial Services, L.L.C (“BAFS”) can provide many services to your credit union.

  • Policy & Procedures Design & Implementation
  • Proprietary Commercial Lending Platform & Client Portal
  • Loan Origination Assistance
  • Underwriting
  • Loan Closing Coordination & Documentation
  • Government Guaranty Applications & Servicing
  • Loan Boarding/Servicing/ Administration 
  • Appraisal Review
  • File Management
  • Tickler & Exception Reporting
  • Loan Review, Audit & Compliance
  • Credit Risk Management & Analytics 
  • Commercial Portfolio Review
  • Participation Placement & Servicing
  • Portfolio Management Reporting & Analytics
  • Training & Consulting
  • Technology – Knowledge- Education

Mission Statement

“To provide a superior, cost-effective, and professional business service platform for each member credit union and the business community they serve”.

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